Did you know you can be all these things? During our fitness classes, our students become more than physically fit. Our impact reaches people at a deeper level. This is not just another personal training session. We are about changing lives and inspiring others to become a light unto this world. 



In today's modern world, yoga has evolved into many types of practices. Inspire Light focuses on bringing healing to your body through various types of yoga.


Barre includes a variety of movements helping to create a balanced dancer like body. Benefits include toning, sculpting, muscular endurance, along with balance and stability.  


Need to clear your mind and sort out all your countless thoughts? From short to long distance, sign up for a beginner or advanced group running session today. 

It's time to take a fitness class that will change your life.

The exceptional Pacific Northwest has always been known for great coffee, beautiful mountains, and the deep colorful shades of spring, summer and fall. This type of lifestyle is geared towards healthy eating and abundant living. Sure, these things are accessible in one way or another all around the world, yet the difference between Inspire Light Fitness and the rest of the people, places, and things that represent the Northwest's origins is one of deep rooted faith. The book of Matthew has inspired me to become a light to others as I firmly believe this life we've been gifted stems from the one true source of light, Jesus, and my goal is to share and inspire his light within the lives of others through fitness.

Feel better. Live better. 


Atalaya L Holtzman

Atalaya Lorine Holtzman is a far traveled, down to earth, fitness and nutrition fanatic. Her 4 years active duty enlistment as a United States Marine led to multiple certification trainings such as; NASM, Tactical Fitness Training, AFPA personal training and Nutrition Consulting helping to prepare for her most recent accomplishments.  

Atalaya has become a well polished yoga teacher specializing in Yoga for chronic pain, vinyasa power yoga, yoga sculpt, gentle yoga, chair yoga, and what is becoming quite popular, Barre. Designing her fitness practices for all levels and abilities, her active and holistic lifestyle builds her students up with confidence and encouragement.

Hire Atalaya today and live the lifestyle want.