Will yoga help reduce stress?

Yes! Stress can be caused by so many things in your life. Practicing yoga helps relieve tension in your muscles, clear your mind from the millions of thoughts racing through it and it also helps promote healing throughout. 

What if I need to cancel a class?

To avoid a $25 per class cancellation charge, please notify your fitness instructor within 48 hours advance notice to reschedule your class.

Do my classes expire?

To ensure your commitment to your goals, all classes, individual or group, shall expire after 180 days from date of purchase. 

Why do I need to sign a fitness waiver?

It's important you understand that all fitness related activities could result in unexpected injury to your body. The fitness waiver is a waiver of liability towards holding Atalaya Holtzman personally responsible for any type of injury you may incur. It is always the responsibility of each student to know where they stand physically and prepare themselves for any exercise program.  Read and sign the fitness waiver here

Yes! We can schedule personal classes for you individually or group classes at your home. Contact me to discuss more in detail. 

Will you teach classes at my personal home?

Is Yoga okay for Chronic Pain?

Yes! Yoga is more than stretching. With carefully designed movements, yoga can help reduce, manage, and potentially alleviate chronic stress and pain.